Our Building Process

STEP 1 – Meet the Builder

  1. Get to know your Builder
  2. Discuss your needs – outline specific home design features
  3. Determine how much you can afford – develop a budget
  4. Visit a bank of your choice to get pre-approved to purchase a home to determine what your upper limit will be and send us your pre-approval letter.

STEP 2 – Create Home Plans and a Proposal

  1. Discuss house plan ideas and work with us to create your floorplans and elevations
    1. Bring in your own plans or use one of our predesigned plans from our website
    2. If you can’t find anything close we can design a house from scratch that is unique to your needs
  2. We will Develop a written proposal for your home along with your allowances and pricing for your home
    1. Meet to go over initial proposal and adjust as needed

STEP 3 – Sign the Proposal & Contract to Begin Construction

  1. Sign the proposal, contract & pay deposit
  2. Start construction (excavation/foundations)

STEP 4 – Exterior Design Meeting

  1. Determine style and color choices for the following:
    1. Brick and stone, siding, and roof shingles
    2. Soffit, fascia, gutters, and porch trim
    3. Windows, exterior doors, transoms and door hardware

STEP 5 – Interior Design Meeting

  1. Determine style and color choices for the following:
    1. Cabinets, pulls, knobs, and countertops
    2. Fixtures, faucets and mirrors
    3. Fireplace options, mantle, finish
    4. Appliances
    5. Flooring: carpet, hardwood, tile, and grout colors
    6. Drywall: textures and finishes
    7. Paint: walls, ceilings, closets, doors and trim
    8. Lighting and Electrical: switch layout and colors and light fixtures
    9. Closets & Mirrors

STEP 6 – Walk-Throughs

  1. Complete a walk-through with the Project Manager
    1. Framing and electrical/plumbing rough-in
    2. Trim/ Paint
    3. Miscellaneous walk through as needed
    4. Final inspection – walk through and develop final punchlist
    5. New home orientation – how does everything work

STEP 7 – Closing

  1. Attend the closing at First Community Title Company
  2. Pick-up the keys to your new home
  3. You are ready to move in

STEP 8 – Warranty

  1. 30-day Follow up to address anything from move-in
  2. One year builder warranty

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